Painless Flexibility™

Increase your flexibility at any age
Rejuvenate your body and mind, free yourself

from stiffness, aches and pains.

Live your life to the fullest.

Painless Flexibility™

Increase your flexibility at any age
Rejuvenate your body and mind, free yourself from stiffness, aches and pains. Live your life to the fullest.

About the Painless Flexibility™ system

a clinically proven medical treatment modality

What is the Painless Flexibility™ system?

It is a system of exercises designed to increase the flexion, extension and rotation around every joint in our bodies. The goal is to restore the Mobility Range Harmony™ that we have evolved to have naturally. That is the healthy condition that makes it possible for us to move freely, efficiently and live pain-free at any age.

Who are the exercises designed for?

If you are an 18 years old ballerina who wants to gain flexibility with no pain; a former top Olympian now in his 70’s who wants to get rid of his nagging back pain; a 27 year old man engaged in Navy SEAL physical training wanting to escape a spine fusion surgery for a compressed disk; a house painter out of work for three months with lower back pain; a young nurse with a hamstring injury, unable to lift patients, whose injury refuses to respond to traditional treatments; or a young man training to be a fireman having a troublesome, large lump on one side of his back; then this system might be the answer.

Yes, these are real people who solved their problems with the system.

What exercises make up this system?

There are two sets of exercises in the system. The Basic Set is for novice and intermediate practitioners. These exercises start with very easy steps that anyone can do. There are several stages in most exercises that accommodate the students’ progress. This set is designed to restore the Mobility Range Harmony™.

The Advanced Set is for those who mastered the exercises in the Basic Set and want to further extend their flexibility to do the Pancake, Straddle Split, and other advanced exercises. These people are typically martial artists, dancers, gymnasts and other elite athletes who want extreme flexibility with no injury and no pain.

Why is this system so effective?

The answer is very simple. It is a direct antidote to our sedentary life-style. It restores the Mobility Range Harmony™ we evolved to have. We, humans, have not evolved to live a sedentary life-style. The way we function in our modern, western society systematically destroys our inborn flexibility. This creates various degrees of misalignment, tensions and atrophy. It’s no surprise that, according to the National Institute of Health, 80% of Americans develop lower back problems. No amount of medication or surgical intervention can eliminate this problem. And the conventional way we learned to stretch does not undo the damage, either. In many cases it actually makes it worse.

What’s the difference between Painless Flexibility™ and other methods?

The problem with typical remedies rests in the underlying, traditional understanding of how the body moves. It is based on the first anatomical drawings made in the 1400’s depicting muscles, ligaments bones and joints. The theory was that movement is created and controlled by muscles contracting and pulling on the ligaments that run across joints, thereby moving  the structure on the other side of the joint. Recent observations via optics installed into a live human body revealed the fallacy of the old theory which left out the most critical part, the fascia. The new insights provide an understanding that, quoting one doctor: “set medical science on its head.”

These new insights led to the creation of the Painless Flexibility™ system. It is very different from conventional stretching in its underlying science, in its exercises, in its methodology, in its overall strategy, and in its effectiveness. It’s an easy, painless method to restore the range of motion that the fascia facilitates to its original, evolutionary design.

What are the goals of the system?

The first goal is to increase all-around flexibility and with that, reduce, then eliminate pain. The second is to establish a high level of body awareness which will lead to a much increased, operative mind-body connection. The third goal is to reach a state of physical and mental health that enables the practitioners to enjoy a better quality of life, with improved relationships and an optimistic outlook of their future.

 Who can benefit from this system?

Whether you are a young, healthy, would-be athlete, or a senior with aches and pains, or anyone in between, you can do at least the very comprehensive basic exercises to restore your natural Mobility Range Harmony™. Since the Painless Flexibility™ system was designed to resolve a common problem created by our sedentary life-style, it is to benefit everyone. Our motto is: Gain with NO pain!


If you have certain advanced medical conditions that prevent you from doing exercises, or if you have a very high BMI, particularly if you cannot lay down and get off the floor, you’ll not be able to execute many of the exercises, so this system is not recommended for you. Some of the exercises may be modified to accommodate a high BMI, but you will not likely to gain the benefits that learning and practicing the entire system would provide.

How was this system created and why?

People see me doing my flexibility routine at the gym and they often comment that it is “crazy,” “insane,” and “incredible.” When I tell them my age and that it is all completely painless and, in fact, I have a wonderful feeling doing it, they don’t want to believe it. And when they hear my story they shake their heads in disbelief. But it’s all true.

I started karate when I was almost 30 years old and had no flexibility, whatsoever. I struggled to keep up with younger students and it took me years to get flexible enough to kick head-high. I tried every kind of stretching method I could find. They were all difficult and many were very painful. Eventually, after many years of trying to gain more flexibility, I developed lower back problems and sustained several injuries that nearly stopped me from practicing karate. With only temporary relief after doctor’s visits, therapy, and chiropractor treatments, my problems still persisted.

Finally, at age 70 my situation became so bad that there were days when I could hardly walk. I was forced to find a solution. All my experience as a complex-problem-solving consultant, being a 5th degree black belt Master of karate, and my Master of Science in Systems Management degree were called upon to solve this problem. With much learning and experimentation I discovered a way to heal my injuries. To my great surprise the techniques I developed not only healed my problems, but I began to gain more flexibility than I ever had before. I was thoroughly amazed that at my advanced age it was possible for my flexibility to steadily increase and that I have become completely pain free.

Many people asked for my help with their own back, shoulder, neck, hamstring and other problems. I showed them the exercises and their results were uniformly positive. I realized that, apparently, the system worked not only for me, but for everyone who tried it regardless of age, sex and other differences between them. A study conducted by an outstanding medical team from Quinnipiac University confirmed that this sytem is an effective medical treatment modality for increasing flexibility and reducing/eliminating pain.

The people I helped asked me to write a book about my methods so they can have a reference. The book is being written currently, but I decided to have a web-site also, even before the book is completed to help as many people as possible.

I feel extremely fortunate not only because I found a way to overcome my injuries, but because being able to help other people brings me immense happiness.

We are developing this site so that you can have access to the exercise instructions and join our Painless Flexibility™ community. Please check back with us so we can welcome you as soon as possible.

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